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Coffee beans processed using natural drying method

Natural Coffee

Natural coffee processing, also referred to as the dry process, is coffee processing at it’s simplest form. Typically presenting more unique flavours, heavier body, and less acidity in the cup. Rather than separating the beans from the cherries, coffee cherries are kept intact for the duration of the drying process. This allows for the bean […]

Washed Coffee

Washed processing is one of the most common coffee processing methods, the intention is to highlight the bean itself rather than influencing it with the outer layers of the cherry. Ultimately a washed coffee gives a cleaner cup, this means the body of the coffee displays more clarity of the true flavours. The body is […]

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A dose of good advice

So you purchased some of our tasty beans, you have made a few cups since opening the bag and one of those cups was incredible! But since then you have struggled to repeat that exact cup of wonderful coffee goodness? The coffee has been great (of course) but not incredible. Your equipment hasn’t changed, you […]

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