Here are some of our preferred recipes for the roasted coffee we have on offer.

Use these as a guide to getting the most out of your beans.

Coffee is science, we encourage you to experiment beyond these recipes – if you find something amazing then let us know!

Also, make sure you watch our brewtorials in the video section below.

Select your brew method from the list below:


We use, and recommend, 22g VST precision baskets with a brew pressure of 7 bar and a brew temp of 92 degrees celsius. Our target is a 2:1 ratio.

Follow the below recipe, using the parameters above (if possible) on all of our roasted range as a great starting point for the perfect extraction.

  • 22 grams ground coffee
  • Brew for 28-35 seconds
  • Yields 45-50 grams of brewed liquid


Filter recipes are based on the Hario V60, using a Size 02 filter. You may need to adjust your ratios slightly for different types of filters or different sizes.

  • 17g ground coffee
  • Hot water at 88-91 degrees celsius
  • Gently pour 50ml water and let rest for 20-30 seconds
  • Pour further 130ml water over 30 second duration
  • Swirl filter cone when half of liquid has filtered into cup

Plunger (aka French Press)

Our plunger (french press) recipes are based on using a 2 cups (300ml) brewer. Adjust ratios accordingly if using larger sizes.

We also recommend to pre-heat the plunger by filling with hot water, resting for 30 seconds, then emptying prior to brewing.

  • 35g ground coffee
  • Hot water at 90-93 degrees celsius
  • With plunging device removed, place ground coffee in bottom of plunger jug
  • Gently pour hot water over coffee bed until jug is 90% full
  • Insert plunging device
  • Gently plunge down over 30-45 seconds


Our brewtorials are video guides designed to help both the novice and the expert get more out of their coffee brewing.

Watch as we guide you through our preparation and brewing techniques. An exceptional visual aid to help with making great coffee, with you!

Pour Over (Filter)

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