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Alliance Blend

Here at Rebel Alliance Roasters we pride ourselves in being able to build alliances with some of worlds finest coffee growing regions and farmers, it is such alliances that help nurture and support the coffee community along with the communities living within these beautiful regions of the world.

Many specialty coffee’s present interesting and unique flavour characteristics, this is what we love about specialty coffee (and what got us hooked). For some, however, those characteristics can be daunting, particularly for the coffee lover that is just commencing their exploration into the incredible world of specialty coffee.

Enter the Alliance blend, a sublime pathway into the world of specialty coffee where nuances of these beans compliment one and other to form a wonderful amalgamation that is both familiar yet newly exciting.

This blend gives tasting notes of dark chocolate, molasses, candied fruit and peach-like acidity that is silky smooth on the palette. A true all-rounder which tastes great be it as espresso, latte, french press or any other brew method.

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250g, 1KG

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Whole Beans, Aeropress, Espresso, Moka Pot, Filter, Plunger