Columbia – Volcan Galeras Especial


Dark cherry compote, plum jam, pecan, with mango like acidity. A wonderful coffee from the Department of Narino in Columbia that works well across all brew methods.

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Columbia Volcan Galeras Especial

Grown: 1700 to 2200 meters above sea level

Variety: Caturra, Castillo & Colombia

Processing Method:Natural

Harvest Period: April — July


This is a brilliant coffee hailing from the Department of Narino in western Columbia, home of the active Galeras volcano which has provided some unique minerals to the soils of the hills in which this coffee is grown.

Department of Narino region is full of striking mountain ranges and is home to five volcanos with Galeras being the third tallest. Interestingly this volcano was active for over a million years then became dormant for approximately 10 years, after which the volcano became active again with the most recent eruption being in 2013.

Growing coffee throughout this region yields interesting characteristics, not only due to the altitude (coffee is grown up to 2300 metres above sea level) but due to the unique minerals found within the soils of the Galeras hillsides that is a bi-product of the volcanic activity.

We have kept the profile of this roast relatively light, with notes of Dark cherry compote, plum jam, pecan, with mango like acidity. Most importantly, this one is huge in ‘coffee’ flavour! Like velvet in the mouth.

Works well across all brew methods and holds up really well in milk based drinks such as lattes.

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