Hario V60 02 Dripper – Plastic

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Hario V60 02 Dripper
Hario V60 02 Dripper - Plastic $10.00 inc. GST

Hario V60 size 02 plastic dripper, get the most out of your pourover with this quality design.

Hario V60 02 (size 02) dripper – plastic.

This is the plastic construction model. Many (including us) argue that this is best type of construction for a pour over cone as it does not retain excessive heat, this also means you can hold the cone during or straight after pouring without fear of burning your hands!

Hario is renowned for its unique spiral design which produces an outstanding brew! When paired with Hario’s quality filter papers and a gooseneck kettle the resulting cup is second to none for this brew method.


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