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Rebel Alliance Roasters. Small batch, artisan specialty coffee roaster in Adelaide, South Australia. Supplying exceptional coffee beans for home, office, or shop.

We might be small batch but we are big on quality, consistency, transparency and sustainability.

Connecting with some of the best coffee producers from around the world, sourcing delicious coffee that is out of this galaxy!

Our mission is to support and progress a truly transparent supply chain which promotes sustainability.

As an artisan specialty coffee roaster, we pride ourselves in being consistent and delicious, every single cup.

Enjoy free shipping, anywhere in Australia, on any coffee bean order!

Fresh roasted coffee delivered to your home or office Australia wide, or up your coffee game at your cafe/restaurant with our wholesale supply including training backed by our industry knowledge and enduring passion.


  • Velvety smooth
  • Great as espresso
  • Great as filter (pour over)
  • Perfect with milk

Enjoy the delicious Alliance blend, stress free, with regular shipments to your door at the click of a button.

Opt out at any time.

  • For those who like to venture to the dark side
  • Classic espresso flavours
  • Outstanding with milk
  • Enjoy different beans each interval
  • Explore the coffee world
  • From fruity to bold
  • Perfect for filter (pour over)


Become the star barista at home or the office, take your brewing abilities to the next level with our range of awesome brew gear and tools.


Be sure to never run out of coffee beans again!

With our convenient coffee subscription packages, enjoy fresh beans delivered automatically to your door.

Simplicity at its finest, with no strings. Cancel at any time (no hard feelings).


End to end quality and transparency in the supply chain, exceptional coffee is an experience that needs to be shared.

Do you have a cafe, restaurant, food vehicle or any other social space in need of wholesale coffee supply? We have competitive packages that can be tailored to your needs.

Above all, we will ensure you have consistent quality that your customers can depend upon.

Beyond our wholesale coffee bean supply, some of our services include:

  • Contract roasting (be your own coffee brand)
  • Equipment and setup consultation
  • Comprehensive training

Be part of our close-knit community – Join The Alliance!


No matter if you are an industry professional or budding home/office barista, we can enhance your barista skills with our tailored training packages.

Our mission is to educate all coffee lovers. Not only in brewing process, but also to deeply understand coffee origins and all the fascinating science behind those magical beans.

Building from our extensive experience, our training team will ensure you;

  • Brew great coffee, every time
  • Improve your workflow
  • Know the right brew method for each bean
Rebel Alliance Roasters